April Struthers

April Struthers, MED, RCCOrganizational Consultant, Coach, Facilitator
Organizational consultant, prevention research, social change projects, author in field of prevention of adult abuse. Registered clinical counsellor, with a Masters in Applied Psychology (Human Relations).

Owner of management consulting firm working across all sectors and regionally, in BC, in Canada (particularly with Federal govt); and in the UK. Have a long time strategic cooperative alliance with Wit Partnership (Nottingham),  and Emotus Operandi, Vancouver BC.

April’s professional development includes learning to do podcast production, and April’s personal stretch goal is to play guitar and write songs …better. April is part of a learning exchange with professional musicians.


Creating learning climates and structures to anticipate and cope with change.

Developing organizations to create wellness and optimal performance at all levels

Collaboration across sectors

Partner Organizations
Theory into Action