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Citizens, government, community associations and NGO’s gathered November 30 in Sechelt, BC, for the Signing of a Community Response Protocol to combat incidents of racism or hate which might happen locally. The protocol was developed by April and an organizing committee based on a similar document from Comox – Courtney.

This document contains definitions, descriptions of a range possible racism / hate related incidents, and suggests what can be done at the level of each organization and for a cross community response. A section outlines the legal remedies available under Federal and Provincial  statutes.

This document establishes a framework for ‘civil society’; before negative situations happen; and gives a pathway to answer the question ‘ But what can we do…?’ and ‘ Who is responsible ? ‘.

The participants at the event witnessed a Restorative Circle process to address a fictionalized but typical situation of racism; to sees how the protocol and actions in it can aid in difficult community situations.

Signers included Nicholas Simons, MLA: Brenda Rowe, Acting Mayor, District of Sechelt; RCMP Aboriginal Liaison: NGO’s, community associations, and concerned citizens.

A copy of the protocol is at this link OARH CI Protocol 2017 V. 3 Final Checked MAr 2018 copy