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“Slow Tours:Fast Connections” ……..At the NCDD Conference (National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation), Courtney and my work was labelled  a ‘Civic Innovation’, and we got to speak at the Plenary. Courtney sang a new song written for our Plenary talk; and we described anti-ageist slow tours; (which I had an idea for and Courtney produced and executed 2 tours brilliantly). We also created dialogue and a space for dialogue with music. We modelled intergenerational partnership work, having fun as part of change initiatives, creating (literally) voice. And we learned a lot about building democracy. We spontaneously co-created and facilitated workshops, and we got folks to sing (we sang too). We also ate chocolate and de-briefed our other projects. I got to hear about Courtney’s Morroco visit, where she worked with two fellow Fellows for the OneBeat Residency; and worked with women and girls who want to play music.

I hope to continue working with folks I met at the Conference; and Courtney and my learning exchange deepened. It was an extraordinary experience.