What phases are involved in the Consulting Process?

We use the following framework to guide our work with you:

Contracting Phase
Here we clarify your needs, find out what your objectives are, identify possible options and present them to you.

Assessment and Design
We gather required information and check with you as to areas for growth and build a plan together
We may do in depth interviews as part of this stage.
We identify strengths
We do in depth analysis and feed back themes and issues.

We work with you and your team(s) from a ‘strengths’ base to put strategies into place, make changes

Evaluation Phase
We get feedback and work over a time span of weeks or months to assess how things are going.

What do you mean “Supporting and Developing Teams”?

We can help develop newly formed teams, teams with history, or teams formed of two or more former teams.

Before the Sessions
We work with several members of the team and managers to set objectives and build a plan. Team members may undertake assessments or other work as a basis to develop further during the session(s).

The Session
Teams begin by getting to know each other as individuals.

We develop a shared picture of why the team exists and where it is going. The team works together to develop processes to move them to their joint goals, learning to listen, problem solve, and collaborate on decisions and planning.

We create an atmosphere of safety, support and challenge
We also…

  • Offer experience and examples of other teams challenges and creativity
  • Make sure every team member, regardless of learning and activity style gets to contribute
  • Ask incisive questions to test assumptions and understanding
  • Develop a variety of points of view
  • Model how to seek agreements and manage divergent opinion
When do I want to hire a facilitator?

This can be useful:

  • When difficult group dynamics have made meetings not function as well as they could.
  • When someone who does not have a vested interest in the outcome needs to lead the meeting.

Sometimes it makes sense to have the processes involved in decision making, problem solving, planning; managed by an outsider.


Facilitators will help the group be interactive and participatory, getting the ‘best’ out of participants to find lasting solutions and to develop solid plans.

Facilitators have the ability to find what is already inside the participants and get it out into the open where a common solution can be woven of everyone’s contributions.

Facilitation can happen with only a few key people, with larger groups, or with a whole organization.

How much does consulting cost?


Organizational Development

  • Initial meeting free. After that $90 – 120 hour
  • Free phone support
  • Design billed at hourly rate if not used for training / session
  • Day rate non-profit $950.00, other $1100.00
  • Includes de-brief and notes/evaluation

Team development / problem solving interventions / learning groups

  • $75 – 85 hour



  • $1100 a day, $600 half day includes custom design, preparation and short follow up evaluation
  • Preparation time charged if cancelled less than 14 days before event
  • Clients responsible for space, copies, room arrangements, flip charts, refreshments. We will make these arrangements at an additional charge.
  • Series of days carries reduced rates



  • Stress/Time Management, life planning, career development
  • $55 hour, 4 sessions minimum.


  • Customized Management development. $70 hour

Special rates for non-profits, some pro bono work… ask us!

Project rates negotiated by contract.

Who do I contact?

The Principle Lead on all Wit Works Ltd. projects is April Struthers.

A good place to start is contact April and describe your project.