Courtney Hartman and April Struthers are collaborating on two pieces which will be released as podcasts early in the New Year. Courtney and April have been engaged for the last 18 months in learning together, developing projects and ways of looking from two different professional perspectives at things they both agree are important. They co-innovate with small scale social experiments which complement their everyday activities.

The first is excerpts of interviews that April and Courtney conducted in spring of 2017 at the halfway point of Courtney’s 42 day walking trip on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. The two met in Leon Spain to de-brief as part of their continuing learning exchange; and to reflect on Courtneys’ experience and learning on ‘The Way”. Courtney carried a Bourgeios parlor guitar and recording equipment as she trod in the footsteps of generations of pilgrims. Her poetry from that period has been released on the Anti-Heroin Chic website at, and her music writing will feature on a soon to be recorded CD.

The second piece is from Courtney’s recently completed fellowship and residency with OneBeat where the US State Department sponsored 25 professional musicians from 17 countries to meet, live together, create music together across cultures and to perform and tour in four areas of the Mountain West / Plains area of the USA. Courtney and April will explore the realities of intense collaborations resulting in rapid music creation of film scores, experimental music, interactive community music education opportunities.

This will be a one hour production featuring music and conversation and with links to video glimpses of the activity. Courtney describes her immersion in this process as life changing, and early on says

“Thus far, it has proven to be one of the most mind-opening and inspiring creative experiences of my life.”

This from someone who while still in her 20’s is a veteran of years of international cultural music exchanges and who plays a variety of traditional stringed instruments from many countries. (See an example at

Learn how Courtney will use her new knowledge/ techniques and the opportunities the experience has leveraged for her.

Courtney is described as being on the leading edge of the current generation of young Americana musicians and is Grammy nominated.