Spirals – Courtney Hartman article

Life as a spiral......

Gratitude for Collaborators

Grateful for the love shown to me by my project collaborators-who jump in to ideas which are resolving themselves into odd little experiments (evidence based and based on lived experience but unique or as yet unknown in the wider world). Sometimes my projects present themselves in a flash, and sometimes they take years to […]

Music Activism – Another Anniversary

Five years ago this week I met a group that literally changed my life. They asked to work with me to share my skills and theirs, and to become part of social change / social experiment ¬†projects. Through them I was helped to see a part of me I was only dimly aware existed […]

a Sustainable (or at least sustained) Strategic Plan for a happy client

I was delighted to hear from a former client about the impact over time of work done several years ago:

Aaron Levy
1st degree connection 1st
Station Manager at CIVL 101.7 FM
Same station, April, and it was a strat planing session that we are living out successfully to this day.

To be honest, that was such a valuable […]

Wit Works Awarded Grant For Development

Wit Works is honoured to have ¬†been awarded a grant by the Sunshine Coast Credit Union for development in the face of the demands of the COVID 19 Emergency. Pivoting from the context of having eliminated 50 % of project activity that was formerly face to face; Wit Works is upgrading technical equipment and […]

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