Women and Homelessness Project

Music Creation and Transitions Podcasts Coming Up

Courtney Hartman and April Struthers are collaborating on two pieces which will be released as podcasts early in the New Year. Courtney and April have been engaged for the last 18 months in learning together, developing projects and ways of looking from two different professional perspectives at things they both agree are important. They […]

OneBeat – cross cultural music videos

Watch Courtney Hartman and other OneBeat fellows performing together. Courtney and Mehdi from Morocco perform a gnawa inspired composition at sunset on a trail at Caldera Arts Centre, Oregon


Research on Older Women

Research on older women in Canada, especially gender based research, is lacking. Older women can remain ignored by policy because of this. Several projects from the Canadian Centre for Older Law ┬áhave brought women’s voice and issues into more clear focus. April worked on the phase 1 of the project.

Two project reports are available […]

OneBeat – more cultural diplomacy and civic engagement with music

OneBeat 2018

I always look for and often work along, intersections of cross cultural, dialogic, healthy communities pro-social activities. If there is some music involved – so much the better.

This project fits the bill completely and I couldn’t be more pleased that my learning exchange colleague is one of the fellows from the USA this year. […]

Cultural diplomacy – hopes, fears and a powerful story – TEDX (at4:09:06)

Watch Celia Woodsmith Boyd (lead singer Della Mae, Say Darling) talk about life changing experiences in being a cultural diplomat for the US. Celia and Della Mae has been taking music to 16 countries and bringing music and connections back home. Celia talk will engage your thinking and your heart; the songs may […]