Through proven strategies of engagement Wit Works Ltd. has developed methods for engaging and developing communities:

2 way consulting

  • Where those consulted get information back. That way the impact of giving opinions, advice and information is understood and it becomes an exchange instead of one way extractive encounter and may move into dialogue.
  • Over time this type of consultation results in ‘double loop learning’ and superior problem solving


  • Working with local government in Canada and the UK where citizen volunteers have their skills developed to build capacity and democratic activity and inclusion
  • Developing community group decision making and influence on local government

Building Social fabric

  • Increasing community connection, inclusion, collaboration and mutual understanding to create the kind of intentional communities we all want to live in
  • Using fun simple techniques to increase the opportunities to come together across diversity and life span

Cross Cultural Work

  • Largely with First People’s to produce the climate for cultural safety in education, health and social services
  • Diversity projects including large scale dialogues on difficult issues, training, film festivals and cross cultural communication training
  • Co-facilitation with First Nations and aboriginal partners

Partnership development

  • Demonstrating and practicing equitable relationships with community, government and large organizations-negotiating terms of engagement and ongoing relationship

Creating Community Owned Projects

  • Steward projects to pass onto community members
  • Use community located scholarship where possible
  • Participatory methods to foster inclusion and strengthening the rural social fabric
  • Social marketing to disseminate awareness, ideas and information

Using the Arts

  • Fostering collective and collaborative projects with Arts Councils, dance groups and musicians