Wit Works Ltd. has 30 years of experience providing real world solutions for management and organization development.


  • Growing leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Taking on leadership with trust and pushback
  • Dealing with diversity
  • Leading Leaders
  • Leading for the Future


Change Projects

  • Organic and sustainable change
  • Understanding change and letting go
  • Combining learning cycle and change
  • Generative change or systems adaptation?



  • Developing team ‘intelligence’
  • High performing teams
  • Maintaining your teams


Strategic Thinking / Strategic Planning

  • Future facing thinking and planning skills
  • Evaluative thinking for everyone
  • Decision making and goal setting strategically
  • Designing and developing strategic planning



Promotion for women

  • Changing work culture towards equity
  • Aligning women’s strengths with organizational goals



  • We customize a design to fit group size and needs, using what ever facilitative techniques will help