We specialize in prevention of abuse & violence to women and elders.

Pilot Projects

  • In a spirit of innovation and operating in conditions of uncertainty, Wit Works tests theories, and models or replicates / scales up projects
  • Wit Works designs and implements developmental evaluations of pilot project, demonstration or first time projects (often around promising approaches). Findings from these projects influence policy / practice


Mapping and Defining of Promising Approaches

  • Wit Works conducts socio-ecological scans, identifies standards for and examples of promising approaches and how to incorporate them; with national and provincial level commissions


Policy Work

  • Wit Works produces background /updates for policy writers
  • Wit Works produces material for cross professional use based on policy (i.e. for government funded professional development for professions in different occupations (health, social service, legal etc.) (BC Campus)


Tool Development

  • With various initiatives, Wit Works produces tools-based on both research and practice to fill gaps (which have been identified by research).
    • Being Least Intrusive Tool for intervention by mainstream workers in First Nations communities (National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly)
    • Flowchart of Intervention for Aboriginal Communities (Public Health Agency of Canada)
    • Tools for virtual connection of rural and remote communities (private Internet TV, blogs and webinars) Public Health Agency of Canada


Strategy Writing


Anecdotal Research

  • In a developing field provide research using interviewing, focus groups, networks, facilitated tele / video conferences and other relational techniques. Analysis of data with thematic and issue identification techniques. Often partner with quantitative researchers.
    • Seniors Knowledge Exchange, Canadian Council for learning
    • Older Women’s Dialogue Project, Canadian Centre for Elder Law
    • Atira Housing for Older Women Fleeing Violence, CCEL and Employment Canada