I was delighted to hear from a former client about the impact over time of work done several years ago:

Aaron Levy
1st degree connection 1st
Station Manager at CIVL 101.7 FM
Same station, April, and it was a strat planing session that we are living out successfully to this day.
To be honest, that was such a valuable day in my career, and the fact is that I can honestly say both that the work we did there was appropriate and intrinsic to the work of our organization, and that we are fulfilling the objectives continuously 8 years later.
Expanding to chilliwack, check.
Working to promote and fortify the local arts community, check.
Make essential differences in students lives with opportunities and services that are relevant and accessible, check.
The list goes on and on. I’m pretty bullish here on my self-eval, obviously, but they were pretty lofty goals that we have pretty clear metrics to show we’ve succeeded in achieving!
Thanks again for all of your work, and thanks to Russell Arbuthnot for bringing it together!