OneBeat 2018

I always look for and often work along, intersections of cross cultural, dialogic, healthy communities pro-social activities. If there is some music involved – so much the better.

This project fits the bill completely and I couldn’t be more pleased that my learning exchange colleague is one of the fellows from the USA this year. Twenty five musicians from 17 countries are chosen to live together, create new music, in the foothills of the Cascade mountains; and then to tour to four areas – spending a week in each in a variety of arts and community based concerts and activities. Not only music but civic and social engagement are highlighted in this residency. It is meant to pull together social innovators, encourage dialogue, ‘explore how the arts can renew and restore perspectives, spaces, and societies’.

See Courtney’s Instagram account and Facebook page for videos of the residency.

I salute the US State Department for supporting this venture.

What could be better?