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April is in the UK to visit colleagues, share expertise, and complete a learning exchange. Because of interest from visits to BC 18 months ago; April and Bruce Curtis (who work together in a regional network to design, produce and mobilize anti-racism, anti-homophobia and anti-hate awareness, change and capacity building programs) met and talked to the 794th Sheriff of Nottingham (Counselor Glyn Jenkins); Police Commissioner and ex-MP Paddy Tipping. Topics included Bruce’s provision of Restorative Justice at the Comox Valley Community Justice Centre, and April’s use of restorative practices across sectors and disciplines (Being Least Intrusive tool, Promising Approaches in prevention of violence, community capacity building, leadership development).

The Sheriff, the Commissioner, and Director of Community Protection Andrew Errington; are interested in seeing how restorative approaches can protect and strengthen the social fabric of Nottingham. Nottingham has about 320,000 people in the city, and 915,000 in the surrounding Greater Nottingham area.

Lesley Cramman of Wit – UK, the sister company to Wit Works Ltd.; and Cherry Underhill of Renewal Trust (a social and economic regeneration non profit) are also part of the learning exchange.
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